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migmanAs you play these games, you can’t help but learn about aeronautics, geography, physics, politics, history, strategy, tactics, psychology, ergonomics, engineering, computers…. it’s a truly multifaceted and educational hobby.

Consider that in all of man’s time on earth, it’s only in the past 100 years that powered flight has been possible and you can see that Combat Flight Sims are a great educational metaphor for mankind’s progress in the 20th Century.

You might want to first browse through the exhibits in the Flight Sim Museum where you can compare air combat sim titles from 1980 to the future, and wonder at the advances in computer programming and hardware which make them possible

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Yea, yea, you already know all that, but the real reason you play these sims is because they’re fun!

If you don’t have the latest state-of-the-art computer you’ll still find plenty of sims here which run well on older machines.

When you can’t be at the computer flying… you can be somewhere else reading about flying!! Check out my picks in Air Combat
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